Why Do We Travel To Antwerp & What It Means For You?

Jerry Caves, the owner of Caves Jewelry, has been traveling to Antwerp, Belgium for the past 20 years to hand pick diamonds specifically for customers to have the highest quality of diamonds for the BEST price!

This means were are a true Direct Diamond Importer.



Jerry (and now his son, Chris, too) spends countless of tedious hours sifting through diamonds and diamond rough in order to find the most spectacular stones for his customers - promising the most beautiful diamond for your engagement ring, wedding band, & more!



How Do You Benefit From This? 

Buying directly from the Diamond Cutter means better quality, better price, & bigger selection! (Eliminating the "middle man" saves you $$)


Who doesn't love a hand picked diamond? What a story!

All of our engagement ring diamonds & diamond stud earrings are eligible for our Trade-In-Trade-Up program. This assures that you can apply full purchase price of your diamond on a larger one in the future! 

For more information on our Diamond Investment Program and Antwerp Diamond Program please contact us at 972-775-5080 or email us at cavesjewelry@gmail.com


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